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Hi there

I don’t know what to say

Shall I talk about the oppression we suffered?

Shall I talk about my sick child who is sleeping at a corner and we have to witness her dilemma?

The child whom I wish I could talk to her once again

Saba to whom I could tell my secrets some day;

Saba who was expected to bring calmness to me;

Saba from whom nothing is remained except some memories;

I don’t know what else I can say

There is no resort to listen to my problems

I am really confused ……..


Dear Saba!

I am deeply sad of what is happened to you

I never forget your voice and the time you looked through my eyes


I do not know why our life is like that.

I do not know why the fate has left us full of desire to listen to your lovely voice


Dear Saba!

I wish I could keep your hands in mine like other fathers

I wish we could join parties together

… I could talk to you

… You could talk to me

… about your classes and school

… about your new friends ……


But alas ……

Alas ……….


Oh my God! Just tell me why?

Why? ……

Oh my God

Please look at my always wet eyes

Please tell me how long we have to regret.

Please tell me why you have accompanied our destiny with sadness

Please tell me why you have given a heart full of love towards my daughter


Oh my God

I still have a lot to tell you

Please grant me patience

I am tired ……

So tired …..

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